Scaling your offer as a service-based business

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As a service provider, you may eventually reach a point where you feel like you can’t grow any further (or perhaps, you already did!)

Because let’s face it: when you’re at your max, there are very few options left to grow your revenue as a business. After all, you only have so many hours in the day!

But what if I told you there are ways to keep scaling your offer, even when you feel you’re at your maximum capacity? And what if I told you that these methods don’t involve working more hours?

Scaling your offer as a service based business story - Ask Yvi

Hang tight because, in today’s post, I’m going to show you three ways to keep scaling even when you feel like you’ve hit a wall or reached your full capacity as a service provider.

Imagine how much more revenue you can add to your business by utilizing these methods!

If that’s something that interests you, then read the transcript below to find out more.

Video Transcription:

[00:00:00] Growing your revenue as a service-based business is not always easy. And I’ve seen it so often with my clients where they’re coming to me and they’re like, Hey Yvi, now that we got all the implementation, I’m at my maximum capacity. I can’t handle more clients. Well, that is a nice problem to have. Your business revenue and income might still not be where you want it to be.

[00:00:23] So how do you keep scaling when you’ve reached your maximum capacity as a service provider? Hang tight as I’m gonna show you today three ways how exactly you can scale your service-based business when you think you have reached your maximum. Much of what we’re gonna talk about today is applicable to a lot of things and a lot of types of businesses.

[00:00:48] But I really wanna focus on service-based businesses because the struggle is, if we are not putting into the work, the service isn’t happening. And we are not getting paid. So, if we are fully booked and we only have 24 hours in a day and we still actually need to sleep, what do we do? How do we scale our business when we think that we are at our max? Number one, supply and demand. I don’t know if you guys here in the States learn this in school. I learned it in Germany, supply and demand simply means if you are fully booked and your calendar is full and you do not have any more time. And I don’t care if you are working 24/7, or if you’re working two days in a week and the rest, you are spending with your family.

[00:01:38] If the time allocated to getting business done is full, you need to be guacamole. You need to be extra. You need to be raising your prices. That is way number one of you actually being able to scale your business by raising your prices. If you were this in demand that your schedule is full, or if your schedule is full and you still can’t pay the bills, raise your prices.

[00:02:07] It’s really this easy. Now tip number one, specialize and template. I already mentioned it before. Be guacamole, be extra. Who are you talking to? Who’s guacamole? Are you? Meaning, specialize. Are you working with digital entrepreneurs? Now, digital entrepreneurs can even be more niched down. Now I did talk about this in a past video of mine where the goal here is to template everything you do. As a service-based business, you are providing a service. Chances are, you might be implementing ClickUp for clients. You might be running their projects. You might be implementing Dubsado. You might be writing emails, you might be doing all the things. I promise you, there is a big amount of tasks that you can template. Template in a sense of, this is my regular sales funnel, and this is how we approach the emails. Have the rough email drafted and polish them up to the nines for your clients. Are you a ClickUp Vetted Consultant? Who are you talking to? What are you doing?

[00:03:16] What are you building for your clients? Have those templates ready. And not only that, so not only template the delivery, but template your workflow. We’ve talked about this multiple times. If you have to think about what you need to do, you just waste the time. External template your stuff. Internal template your stuff. Cut down on the admin work.

[00:03:43] And now suddenly, you can take on more clients or you can outsource it. I wanna show you something. When I say template this stuff. I mean, template this stuff. Look at my sandbox. Look at all of these. All of these are templates and list templates and space templates, and there’s task templates in there too, that we are playing around with, that we are testing out, that we are building for the community as well as my clients. Now, tip number three actually uses the templates and the frameworks you built, because now, you can take the templates you built for your clients, the frameworks, and how things work and how they do smooth, all of this stuff and you can nicely package this app in a group program. I just talked about this with one of my Masterclass clients. You are building things for a specific niche. You build your templates internally, as well as externally. This is perfect. You know how many people are out there that would love to work with you, but might not have the budget?

[00:04:52] Now you take all of those resources you built throughout those process, package it nicely up in a 2, 3, 6 months program. I don’t care how long, where your students, your cohort actually implement that themselves, trained by you. Now you’re not talking one on one. You are talking one to many, and you even have an upsell possibility of giving VIP access to you.

[00:05:22] This is one of the most common ways to scale your service-based business. You build it, you bulletproof it, you got it done. Now, you can teach other service-based businesses on how to make it happen. And not only that, think bigger rather than you working with the CEO to implement everything in their company, whatever service you’re offering. Now, you can work on the big picture and what the CEO needs while pulling his team into your group program and teaching them. Look at the possibilities. The possibilities are seriously endless. And with that, there is a lot of training going on that you, again, can automate. Go as big away as small as you want to. You can build full-on space templates within ClickUp. Or, do you need to be more versatile? Build them as list templates and then choose which of those lists need to be applied to the space, or as simple as a task template, daily method of operation, we talked about it in the last video. All of this can be templated to save you a ton of time on the admin side of things so you can start implementing and providing your service. And all of this can easily be implemented for you to scale your business and work with more clients in your service-based business.

[00:06:53] Now you wanna see how we train, not only my CEO and his team, but also the community, really easy and simple right in ClickUp. I got a video on that right here for you. And have you subscribed yet? I wanna see you in the next video.

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