How to Backup Your Files + Get Anywhere Access with Google Backup and Sync

As some of you know, I’m a major nerd when it comes to technology. I love my big desktop with it’s three screens and powerful capabilities. I like being on a desk with my desktop. I’m not really a laptop worker day to day, but I do travel. I’ll take my laptop and external hard drive and go to Germany or Vegas. I want to do whatever I want to do and enjoy that freedom. Don’t we all?

But with that are a lot of issues. You see, I love doing video editing on my desktop. I can’t even handle a Macbook. I need the speed of my desktop. But when I’m traveling, I need to be able to access those videos and edit TV commercials that I still do for some clients.

I use to have my external hard drive and before I left I’d pull everything I thought I needed together, but I never had everything, especially for my personal stuff. The images I needed would be on my desktop and I couldn’t finish the tasks I’d scheduled to support my own business. It was a mess!

I’ll be honest with you. My files are pretty big. This is no small blog. I have huge video files. Just imagine backing that up an external hard drive. It’s not fun. There’s zero flexibility and more often than not, I just don’t have what I need.

I’d looked at Google backup 3-4 years ago when they initially came out with their Google Drive sync and it didn’t seem to work seamlessly. I didn’t feel like it would really work for me.  

Later I talked to my IT network/hardware guru, Troy, who always gets me out of trouble. I asked him for a solution for all the time I was wasting transferring files to an external hard drive and he said, “Why aren’t you using Google Drive?”

What. Ok, so maybe I don’t stay on top of everything. I try, but it doesn’t always work. Thanks to Troy, he got me hooked on loving Google even more than I did before. I had multiple accounts with them and it was so easy to set up.

Now, I’m able to do things on my computer at home and automatically back it up to my Google Drive. As soon as I turn on my laptop, it syncs on the external hard drive. Ahhhhhhh! Problem solved!

The best part? It’s cheap. You already get a certain amount of room with your gmail account. Just get this, 1 Terabyte is $9.99/month. That’s it! If you need even bigger because of 4K files, huge raw images, or video files, Google even has a 10 Terabyte package for $99.99/month. That is cheap for the room you get!

If you’re someone who wants to make sure your data is secure when you’re travelling the world or just getting out of the house, this can work as a great cloud backup program. You get as much room as you need.

As you grow, you can go up a package, starting with what you get for FREE. Up it when you need it and you’ll have everything backed up with Google. And you know they know their stuff with all their servers and technology. Your stuff is as safe as it can be with them.

Or if you have a desktop that you want to work on at multiple workstations without having to move files and such, this is the perfect solution. Are you with me?

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