5 Must-Reads for CEO’s Wanting to Be A Better Leader

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Being a better leader and CEO of a business is not always easy. 

In a rapidly evolving digital world, finding resources for personal and professional growth is essential. 

The right books can make a significant impact on your productivity as well as help you better understand yourself and your team. 

Here are five business-changing books that are vital for CEOs wanting to improve their leadership skills and achieve greater success.

Understanding the Digital World’s Impact: Dopamine Nation by Dr. Ann Lemke

In a world where digital technology is omnipresent, there’s a significant downside. Dopamine Nation explores the addictive nature of modern technology and its effects on our dopamine levels.

This book offers actionable strategies to balance dopamine and regain control, highlighting the value of authentic connections and true happiness.

5 Must Read Books for CEOs Wanting to Be Better Leaders story - Ask Yvi

Cultivating this environment boosts well-being and fosters a more effective, cohesive, and productive team.

Empowering Leadership:
Unbound: A Woman’s Guide To Power by Kasia Urbaniak

While Unbound is targeted primarily at women, its lessons are valuable for everyone. The book is an empowering guide to reclaiming power and assertiveness, especially in patriarchal societies.

The book encourages embracing authentic selves and breaking free from societal expectations.

For women in leadership, this book is a crucial resource for reclaiming their voice and asserting authority.

For men, it offers insight into the unique challenges faced by women and fosters a more inclusive and understanding leadership style.

Bringing Play into Business:
Playful Rebellion by Gary Ware

Playful Rebellion challenges the hustle culture by promoting the concept of play within the business environment.

Ware’s approach is particularly beneficial for creative teams facing blocks and burnout. His playful exercises foster creativity, connection, and empowerment, rejuvenating the team’s innovative spirit.

As a CEO, embracing a culture of play can lead to unexpected breakthroughs and a more engaged team.

This book encourages curiosity, risk-taking, and thinking outside the box, all essential qualities for a thriving business.

Mastering Business Tools: Mastering the Basics of ClickUp by Yvonne Heimann

Efficiency is key to business success. Mastering the Basics of ClickUp is a comprehensive guide to optimizing your processes using ClickUp.

As a business efficiency consultant, Heimann offers essential features and workflows, practical tips, and strategies for streamlining tasks and projects.

This book covers everything you need to know to use ClickUp efficiently. With a well-organized ClickUp system, you can automate, streamline, and optimize processes, leading to a more productive and profitable business.

Conquering Growth: 10X Is Easier Than 2X by Dan Sullivan

The idea of 10X-ing your business can be overwhelming, but 10X Is Easier Than 2X offers a fresh perspective on exponential growth.

Sullivan explains that focusing on a 10X goal creates tunnel vision, helping you easily identify which actions will propel you toward that goal and which will not.

By adopting this approach, you can streamline efforts, eliminate distractions, and make significant strides in your business.


These five books provide a strong foundation for personal, professional, and business growth. Whether you’re looking to understand the impact of digital addiction, reclaim your power, foster creativity, master efficiency tools, or think exponentially, these reads offer valuable insights and practical strategies.

Remember, the journey of growth is ongoing. Keep reading, keep learning, and keep striving for greatness. Each of these books can inspire and empower you, helping you become the CEO you aspire to be. If you found these recommendations helpful, be sure to check out additional resources to continue your journey toward business success.

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Video Transcription:

Yvonne Heimann [00:00:00]:
Being a leader and CEO of a business is not always easy. So I’m assuming you are probably looking for some personal and professional growth. Resources that help your team and yourself be more productive and understand yourself and your team better than you have before. In this video, I will share my five business changing books that help you out in that journey to become a better leader and more company success. Hi, I’m Yvonne Heimann, aka Yvi from askyvi.com, a business efficiency consultant and business strategist here to make your life easier and your business thrive. Now, in a world where digital is everywhere and I’m literally talking to you on a digital screen, we have one big downside of that and that is literally our dopamine levels. And this is where our first book comes in, Dopamine Nation by Doctor Ann Lemke. In this book she discusses the addictive nature of modern technology and how it affects our dopamine level. Now, you as a CEO and leader, why do you care? Simple.

Yvonne Heimann [00:01:12]:
Because you’re gonna potentially make decision and do things based on that craving. Based on I call a drama, wanting to get that adrenaline up, wanting to get that dopamine hit. But also your team, especially if you’re working in a marketing agency. If you are generating online content, you and your team are going to be connected to any type of technology, phones, screens, whatever it is. Really understanding the effect of your dopamine levels and your team’s dopamine levels allows you to spot the issues, allows you to give yourself and them the resources to come back to you and don’t fall victim to our hormones. Now the book explores practical strategies for finding that balance and reclaiming control over our lives. It also highlights the importance of cultivating meaningful connection and pursuing genuine happiness. Grab some ideas out of the book of how you really can bring back those connections within your team, those connections within your own life.

Yvonne Heimann [00:02:27]:
To build an efficient team, to build a team that’s productive and make yourself productive. Book number two is focused and targeted to my ladies out there. But gentlemen, I promise you it is just as applicable for you. And as you can see by the spine, I inhaled it within a weekend. My book number two in this list is Unbound: A Woman’s Guide To Power by Kasia Ubaniak. Now this is written as an empowering guide for women to reclaim our power and assertiveness in a patriarchal society. Now, it goes way past this. I do actually have the recommendation for this book gotten by a coach of mine who is a man.

Yvonne Heimann [00:03:12]:
This book does not just apply to us women, it also applies to men and it takes the idea of guiding and leading, of dominant and submissive energy to a whole new level. It talks about how we also have a lot of power when we are in a submissive energy, when we are being led, but also how, especially as women have been taught to only be seen, not heard. How can we step back into a power position and take power back? This book gives you real life examples and exercises and techniques. How in a situation like that where we potentially fawn and just freeze how you easily can step out of it. It takes a little bit of practice. However, she gives us all the resources we need to really step back into our power. This book really encourages women to embrace our authentic selves and break free from these expectations that everybody has put onto us. Now if you are wanting to claim your power back, let’s do it.

Yvonne Heimann [00:04:33]:
Hit that subscribe and like button for you to claim your power and say, yep, I want to be here for the next video when I teach you how you can go beyond the hassle, step into your inner CEO and grow your business. Book number three from my friend Gary Ware Playful Rebellion. I love his take on bringing play back into the business. It explores the concept of really bringing up this playful rebellion as a means of challenging the status quo of the hustle culture, especially in his talks and in his trainings that he does in person. Teaches playful exercises to help foster creativity, to help foster connection and step back into our power again. This book is a perfect resource for you if you are working with a creative team and they have blocks and they are, they are stagnant and burned out in being creative, in bringing up ideas. Gary has you covered. You really want to grab this book if you are struggling with your own creativity or with your team’s creativity.

Yvonne Heimann [00:05:52]:
The book really encourages reader to embrace that curiosity, take risks and think outside the box. Now you’re watching this video, which means you are probably an entrepreneur. You are a leader, you are a CEO, which can be really overwhelming. I get you. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed in your business and you are trying to figure out and learn and teach and do all the things, how to really power up your business, no matter if that is people, processes or programs, I am here to help you. And with that, we are coming to book number four, mastering the basics of ClickUp by yours truly, Yvonne Heimann. This is a comprehensive guide for you and your team to really master the basics of ClickUp. Now why is that important? Because we want to focus on optimizing your processes, but you can’t do that if you don’t know how the tool actually works, the best practices and all the intricate details within the tool to be able to focus on your business and not how the tool actually works.

Yvonne Heimann [00:07:09]:
I am covering essential features and workflows for individual and teams in here. You will see practical tips and strategies for streamlining your tasks and projects. How to really set up ClickUp to make it the best possible automated, streamlined, optimized tool for you. No questions open. You literally get the full on basics of what you need to know to use ClickUp the most efficient way for you and the hard copy is literally just $19.99. You can find it down below in the description.

Yvonne Heimann [00:07:48]:
Now book number five I don’t have in a physical because I have gotten digital and really decided I have too many books behind me. Way, way too many books happening. 10X Is Easier Than 2X. Now hear me out. If you are one like me, that’s like, oh my God, why do you want me to 10X again? 10xing my business just seems so out there and I don’t even know how to do that and it’s just overwhelming. Let me stop you right there. Dan Sullivan in 10X Is Easier Than 2X for the first time in years has put it in words why 10X is so important.

Yvonne Heimann [00:08:22]:
That finally made sense to me and I get it. Now. He’s exploring the whole concept of the exponentially thinking and how it can lead to extraordinary results. And to simplify the book in one single change of thought is if you look at wanting to 10x your business, you suddenly get tunnel vision and you can easily decide, is this going to get me to 10X or not? It is not about 10xing your income. It is not about 10xing your profit. Don’t let that hold you back. It is about getting that tunnel vision and saying, this is not supporting that goal, this is not supporting that goal. And suddenly you can really focus on what is important in your business.

Yvonne Heimann [00:09:07]:
This book really encourages reader to shift your mindset from incremental growth to exponential growth. And not only that, he provides actionable strategies for setting ambitious goals and achieving those breakthrough successes you’ve heard everywhere else and just feel like there’s no way I can ever reach this. Now you have it. Those are my five business life changing books that I recommend to my community and all of my clients. These books are sure to inspire and empower you in your journey of personal, professional and business growth. These are the platform for you to become the CEO you want to be. Remember, this journey of growth is ongoing. So keep reading, keep learning, and keep striving for greatness. And if you enjoyed this video, go check out the video right here where I share all of my business success secrets.

Yvonne Heimann [00:10:08]:
And also, don’t forget to subscribe so I can see you in the next video.

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