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What is the Bulletproof Business Planner?

Is your business Bulletproof?


Have you heard the term, ProtoPreneur? It’s a term I invented that describes a new perspective on business. It might just change the way you work.

‘Proto’, as in original or first, symbolizes how we run our business. No one else will run our business like we do. No one has our history, experience, our goals. Everything to us is a first. We can work with other people’s tools and ideas, but we’ll customize them to what we need.


A protopreneur is an entrepreneur who runs their business according to their needs. If that means working 24/7 365 days a year, perfect. Go hustle! Go get stuff done! If that means you’re a mompreneur and you want to spend 10 days working our business and 20 at home with your kids, go for it! If that means running your business from home or while traveling, awesome!


Protopreneur means you’re running your business your way. You’re doing the best you can, whatever that means to you.


What is the Bulletproof Planner?


No matter how digital I am with business processes and social media, I still use pen and paper to set my goals, make plans, and track progress. There’s research that proves if you write down your goals and plan things out with pen and paper, your brain perceives them as true. Your dreams are easier to manifest and make happen. It’s a completely different feeling having a pen in your hand as you’re making plans to kick butt.


I’ve purchased planners and journals for years. In 2015, I bought my last planner, a 3-month goal setting planner and after 2 days I was done. Who can run a full-time business and fill in a planner with goals just 3 months at a time? Where do I put my business goals? What about my personal goals? What about my life goals?


There was no space for what I really wanted to do and don’t get me started on the organization. I wanted a planner that combined my personal life, business planning, and long term goals all in one. I wanted something I could take anywhere, have on hand, and actually use. A planner does no good if you aren’t using it, am I right?


I needed a planner that was streamlined, practical, and able to fit in my purse next to everything else I have in there. What do you do when you can’t find the product you really need? Make it yourself.


Two years later, I created the Bulletproof Business Planner. This robust planner helps you set your life goals and cut them down into pieces. It focuses on helping you get stuff done while still tracking your progress with workouts and habits you’re developing. There’s even gratitude journaling to support a positive mindset.

I created the Bulletproof Business planner to include everything you need to stay on top of the entrepreneur life. It’s simple, professional, and clean so you can take it anywhere.

My planner needed to be practical. I wanted a place to put my business cards, notes, and other important papers, so I designed pockets.

I also wanted the planner to be able to lay it completely flat. Aren’t ring bound planners a pain? Every time I write with my right hand my fingers scrape against the rings. I lose half of my page because it’s uncomfortable to write!


To put together a planner that’s usable every single day took me 2 years and it was worth every second.


Interested in a planner that finally has it all? Read: yearly goals, quarterly goals, health tracking, content planning, project management, and more.

Get your own Bulletproof Business Planner!

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