Why does the Bulletproof Business Planner work?

How do you eat an elephant?? One bite at a time.
The Bulletproof Business Planner tackles your goals in the same way… We start with our BIG dreams and cut them into smaller and smaller pieces.

Big Dreams > Annual Goals > Quarterly Projects > Weekly To Do’s > Daily Habits

Why people love the Bulletproof Business Planner

formerly known as ProtoPreneur Planner

It’s all about balance & habit development

Everywhere I look, people tell you, you have to hustle to make something of yourself. I’m sorry, not sorry, but that drives me NUTZ!

It’s about balance! If I have learned one thing, losing many people to cancer, tomorrow is not a guaranty and we have to live today!

That’s why the Bulletproof BusinessPlanner combines Personal, Business, Health and Fun. See for yourself.

First Page

Sometime we loose our mind…. and our planner. Make sure it can find it’s way back to you

At a glance 2020 & 2021

Do you always get in trouble for forgetting anniversaries and birthdays!/ NO MORE!

At a glance 2022 & 2023

Do you always get in trouble for forgetting anniversaries and birthdays!/ NO MORE!

Your BIG goals

Dream big, and don’t worry how you’ll get there – we’ll get to that!

Yearly goals

Start cutting those big goals down and start your plans how to reach everything you want with this annual layout

Discovery Pages

Who are you and who is your perfect client? If you don’t know, how will anyone else know?

Year at a glance

Keep track of your annual plans

Content Planner

Lay out your strategy. What are your topics? Where are you sharing?

Q1 – Q4 Goal Setting

Annual goals seem often unreachable – plan your quarterly steps on how to reach them

Monthly Layout

Keep track of your financial progress, marketing efforts and monthly projects

Monthly Projects

What’s your Focus? What are your Action Steps?

Weekly Layout

To change your life you need to change your habits…

Daily Layout

Gratitude Journal, Affirmation and your daily things – all in one place

Project Layout

Get sh** done