Instagram for Busy Moms in Boss Mode with Jenn Herman

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We all know how powerful Instagram can be, but navigating it is still a struggle for many entrepreneurs, let alone busy moms!  If you’re a mompreneur, you know that time is precious and you can’t afford to waste any of it. After all, you are not just running a business, you’re running your entire household as well!

So this begs the question: how can you use Instagram to run your business efficiently and still have time for your family?

Today, we are joined by a special guest – Instagram expert, author, coach, speaker, and consultant, Jenn Herman. That’s right, the Queen of Instagram herself is here to share a lot of things about Instagram, and running a business alongside being a mom.

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Because you see, before Jenn became the Instagram expert we know today, she was just like many of us.  She was a busy mom (and still is!) trying to juggle time between her full-time job, her family, and her business. And today, she’s going to walk us through how she started, how she made time for her business despite the chaotic schedule, how she uses Instagram to power her business, and most importantly how you can, too!

So if you’re curious about how to use Instagram to benefit your business (and your life), make sure you tune in to this episode. Jenn has a ton of useful tips, tricks, and advice that will help make your journey on Instagram a lot smoother, easier, and much more fulfilling as a mompreneur.


Meet Jenn Herman

Jenn Herman is a social media consultant, speaker, and globally recognized Instagram expert. She is a sought-after and international speaker providing tips, resources, and training for organizations of all sizes that need to structure their social media strategies. Her business background includes Administration, Sales, Human Resources, and Marketing and she enjoys bringing all these skills together to help you grow your business. Jenn has been featured in Inc., Fox News, BBC News, Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur, HuffPost, The Verge, CBS Radio LA, and numerous other podcasts and publications. She is the author of “Instagram for Dummies”, “Instagram for Business for Dummies”, and “The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing”.

📄 Video Transcription:

Yvonne: Hey, Hey everybody. We are back. And today I actually have one of my favorites. Oh, look, I’m actually pointing in the right direction. Everyone’s listening in I’m I’m pointing on chip in the right direction. Um, for some of you that have been around, you know, Jenn Herman, for some of you, you might not have seen her about my portfolio.

She’s one of my besties. She’s actually one of the reasons why I ended up in San Diego. You were the first one to make me feel home. When I came visit San Diego, I still remember like yesterday, move Tom. I do. Moving the menu out of the way. Moving the silverware out of the way, taking pictures of all the food we had and was like, yeah, I, I feel like home.

For everybody that doesn’t know Jen. So Jenn Herman is a social media consultant, speaker and global recognized. I lost my thought. There its Instagram expert. What else you are the queen of Instagram. I should know that without having to read the bio. She’s also sought after an international speaker, providing tips, resources, and training for organizations of all sizes that need to structure their social media strategies.

Did somebody say structure? This is where we get along. Your business background includes administration, sales, human resources, and marketing, and you enjoy bringing all the skills together to help your clients and your audience grow their business. Jenn has been featured in Inc, Fox News, BBC News, Yahoo Finance, podcasts, and publications. You also authored Instagram for Dummies, Instagram for Business Dummies and The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing. That’s a mouthful.

Jenn: I’ve done a couple things.

Yvonne: It’s fine. Just, just a few. And why I also wanted to bring you on I’m like, yes, this is Boss Your Business, but you were in that unique situation.

First of all, you a mom, you were single mom, you have a fulltime job and you have a full-time business. Yeah. So if somebody knows busy moms, it’s you.

Jenn: I might know a thing or two, I, I might have lost an hour of sleep here or there in my lifetime. Yes, just a few.

Yvonne: And on top of things, we both are immigrants. So it’s like, yeah, it, it never gets boring with us.

Tell me how, how did you actually end up, ending with Instagram. How, how did you get here?

Jenn: You know, and I always love this question cuz people are like, you know, what made you choose Instagram? I’m like, I didn’t, it kind of chose me. Um, and it wasn’t something like I didn’t wake up one day and be like, I’m gonna be an Instagram expert, like who I really liked this and I’m gonna do this.

It was totally not my intention. It was, I mean, it’s been nine and a half years now. Um, I started my blog like I know it feels like, I mean, literally we’re coming up on 10 years. It’s crazy. Um, and I started my blog and it was Social Media Trends. It was talking about all different things that happened in social media and at the time Instagram was around, but it was still very new.

It was still. You know, photo.

Yvonne: No, I’m learning something new. I didn’t even know that Jenn’s Trends used to be Social Media Trends.

Jenn: Yeah, it was Jenn’s Trends in Social Media. That was the whole thing. I never knew that learned something new too.

There you go. But that was the thing it was, yeah, it was meant.

And I blog about, you know, Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and I was like, okay, well I guess I should embrace this whole Instagram thing. Like, I’m gonna have a blog on trend. I should embrace Instagram. And so, I fell in love with it as an app, like as a user, I loved Instagram. I loved the photography. I loved the community.

I loved the interaction. Mm-hmm like, there was everything about it that I loved. So then I was like, well, how do you use this for business? And I, again, I had my blog, my blog was about six months old. I had met a few people back in the day, like the Mia Voss, and Dustin Stout, and Mike Allton of the world who had audiences.

Yvonne: Like Google+ days. That’s when we went into each other the first time that’s how met it was.

Jenn: I know we go so far back. Oh my God. And so it was one of those things where I was like, I started trying to research how to use Instagram for business. And there was nothing out there. There was nothing at all.

And so I was like, well, screw it. I had this little tiny blog and I started testing and I started doing case studies and I started like, again, I’m very strategic. Like if you show me something, I can tell you how to apply it. And so I started being like, well, try this and. I can’t take credit cuz there’s no proof, but I’m pretty sure the whole click the link in the bio.

There is no documented evidence of someone saying that before my blog, that I am aware of. So if anyone has evidence to the contrary, please feel free to, you know, take me off my high horse. But this was, I started teaching business tactics on Instagram using my blog and within six months, I was ranking number one on Google across the board, because I was the only person I wrote one blog post a week, every week, dedicated to Instagram.

And it just built this, you know, this trust on the website that started ranking on Google. I started getting podcast invites. I started getting speaking invites and I was like, oh, okay, here we are. It wasn’t the intention at all. It was just, I wanted to blog and I wanted to share. And so after about like a solid year, I was like, okay, this is a thing.

This is not a trend. This is not a fad. This is where I’m going. And I went all in and that’s, I’ve stopped blogging pretty much at all. I blog very little compared to what I’ve ever done before, but now it’s very focused, obviously on Instagram. When I do blog, when I speak, when I go anywhere, I would say 90% of my content is now Instagram related, but yeah, it was just an evolution through time.

Yvonne: And the fun thing is it’s like, no matter if I, if I just talk with people or here on the podcast, the ones that are successful seem to be following what I call the yellow brick road. It’s like, we just pay attention to what’s happening. Where is it leading us? And that’s what we roll with. Yeah.

Jenn: Um, that’s the thing is this was not, like I said, I did not wake up and be like, I’m gonna be an Instagram expert.

This is like, I have a Masters in Forensic Science. Like this was like, my life plan was not to teach Instagram marketing, not where I was planning to end up, but I love my life. I love the people that I’ve met because of it. I love the things I get to do because of it. And I think it is something where for a lot of women, especially, but people in general, we get so shoehorned into, well, this is what I went to school for, and this is what I’m expected to do. And this is the career I chose and this is what I have to continue. And I fail if I walk away and I was like, like to your point, the other book wrote, I was like, but the road’s going this way and okay, well, we’ll go that way.

Whatever happens, happens. And someday Instagram will die and someday it won’t be relevant and I’ll have moved into a different avenue of my business and whether that’s, you know, business mentorship, or still social media, different platform who knows? But at this point, the road’s been really fun. So I’m just long for the ride.

Yvonne: So it sounds like you yourself, before we are diving into the whole, how people can use Instagram to actually help their businesses. Um, sounds like for you, um, it is kind of like the speaking education consulting kind of thing that you were doing in, in this case, in your business.

Jenn: Yeah, and it really did.

Like, that’s like the early stages. It was focused on speaking. And you mentioned at the top of the show, like I, I still, the full-time job, I’ve been at my day job for 12, 13, however many decades I’ve been there. It feels like, but it’s been over 13 years. I’ve been at the day job. So I’ve been doing this the whole time while having that full-time job and so, when I started doing Jenn’s Trends and building a business model, I didn’t need the quote revenue. I had a job that, that paid the bills, and I went hard on the speaking aspect because it allowed me to be able to do the pro bono events. It allowed me to be able to build up the repertoire through, you know, podcast interviews and everything else.

And that was what I built the business as was educating, speaking, and you know, that kind of. You know, the webinars and all that sort of stuff. And then with that, I started going into the consulting. So I started the revenue generating process almost in reverse of what most people do. They wanna make the money, they gotta build the business.

And then they’re like, oh, well, now that I’m making money, let me go be a speaker. I kind of did the backwards option because I had that luxury. But yeah. Then I moved into the consulting and you know, and I love that. I love my clients and I do very limited one-on-one consulting and I’m very picky about the clients I take on.

But it’s fun. And I get to do really good, fun things with my clients. When we take on that to, you know, dive deep into, you know, auditing their Instagram accounts, looking at their strategy, looking, you know, what we can do to reach those goals that they’ve set and, and commit to working with those clients rather than just, you know, taking on 20 clients for the sake of it and just cranking out work for, because I can’t.

Yvonne: Yeah. I’m like, we, we both agree on that one where it’s like, we shouldn’t take on clients just to take on clients. Yeah. And I love how you mentioned how you approached your site hustle initially, because when I talk with a lot of people and they wanna start a business, it’s I often run into this issue of, you are looking at building a full-time business, but you don’t have the luxury yet to put fulltime into that business because you have a full-time job and I’m often like you’re not gonna make it a full-time business till you are in that pressure point of it having to be a full-time business. I love how you approached it.

And you went for the speaking stuff for everything that, that full-time business is always hoped for, but we need to make money first kind of thing. And you established yourself. So I’m like, ooh, this might actually be a really, really good approach for everybody that does start with the site hustle, get your stuff down, get yourself established publicly, be really, really tied on who you work with and then having that public recognition, knowing that you easily can bring in clients will make it easier to turn it into a full-time game.

Jenn: And that’s the thing. When you’re standing on a stage, you’ve proven your credibility. People want to work with you. You work less hard to get clients when you’ve got that trust factor built in because you’ve spoken on these stages or on these podcasts that people recognize your expertise.

And with that though, like there has to be an understanding of commitment. And this was something that I struggled with a bit with my ex-husband cuz at the time I was married, when I started Jenn’s Trends, and you know, he’s like, you’re giving up your evenings, you’re giving up your weekends. He’s like, you’re not spending time with me.

You’re on the computer. You’re doing all. You’re writing these blog posts and you’re doing these interviews and you’re doing all these things, but you’re not making any money. Why are you doing this? And it took a while for him to learn. My under like my concept and where my thought process was. And I probably didn’t communicate it all that well.

Cause I was like, it’s fine. I got it under control, but it was something where I had to commit to. I’m gonna put in X number of months, years, time without making money. And for some people that’s not an easy commitment to make. Even if you have the job, that’s gonna commit to paying your bills. You’re still giving up this time.

And if you’re running your own life and you’re single and no kids, you’ve got the time to do it, but if you’re married,

Yvonne: It’s like, I’m, I’m looking at you. I’m like, I’m single in San Diego. And I’m like, you know what? I don’t really wanna go on a day tonight because I’m freaking tired. I just wanna sit on the couch and do nothing.

Right. So it’s like, I watch you. And it’s, it’s it’s job. It’s Jenn’s Trends. It’s your little one and dance recital and school and feeding and all the things where I’m like. But it’s also over time, right?

Jenn: Like, I, I started this when I didn’t have my daughter, my daughter’s seven now, and I started this nine and a half years ago.

So when I started this, I didn’t have the kid that made obviously a difference. And then as the business grew. It started to, I don’t wanna say it runs on autopilot cuz it doesn’t, and there’s plenty of nights until two o’clock in the morning. There’s plenty of nights. Like I was writing a promo email the other night people and I was like, this is the last place I wanna be sitting is at this desk, writing this email, but I gotta get this out.

Like, so it doesn’t, it’s not always easy, but once you get the momentum, it starts to run and you start to be like, okay, I’m giving two hours this day. I’m giving three hours this day. I’ve often told people. I’m like, if you are a mom or you know, a wife or whatever, it is, set boundaries. And you say, okay, Saturday from, you know, 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM is mommy time.

Mommy’s gonna be working on my business. That means no interruptions, unless you’re legit bleeding and need to go to the hospital. So, you know, set a boundary. And then it’s a little hard at first, but after a couple months, the kids, the spouse, the family start to realize, okay, that’s mom’s time. And you learn to be super productive in those three hours, cuz you know, those are your three hours to get a week’s worth of stuff done for your side hustle, but then you can be like, okay, well now I’m gonna take two hours on a Wednesday night or, or I’m gonna do an hour after the kids go to bed on Tuesday or whatever it is, you start building up those hours where it becomes part of your routine. And then as it starts to build that momentum, it gets easier.

It’s actually, the hardest thing is just starting and getting it on track.

Yvonne: You, you spoke to a good point here of, okay. Saturday morning, those three hours, and you just get a week’s worth of work done. That’s our human psychology, because it’s gonna take as much time as we give it. So setting those boundaries also makes you just more productive and just getting the thing.

Jenn: Yeah. And I think we also, especially, this is something I’ve had to learn. like still learning it and I’ve been I’m, you know, I’m 41 years old. I’m still learning these things, but you have to learn to give yourself grace. Yeah. Especially when you are running a business as a mom, as a spouse, whether you’re, you know, married, single, whatever it is, you have a lot of commitments and I had a bunch of stuff come up in a personal circumstance last week. And I lost literally two whole days of the week, just gone. I was committed to this other personal endeavor that I had to deal with. And it meant no work at the day job. No work on my business. I was tired. I was exhausted, but so yeah, things didn’t get done and that’s okay.

And I mean, I always make sure my client work is done. Like I said, a hierarchy, a priority list that says like this has to be done. This is a due date. But, you know, if that email that should go out for a promo goes out next week, instead of this week, not the end of the world. You know, if that video that you wanna record for YouTube, didn’t get done today and you do it tomorrow, no one’s gonna freak out cuz you’re 24 hours behind on your YouTube video. Like we put more pressure on ourselves than anybody else and it’s okay to have that grace and say, you know, Tonight’s gonna be a Netflix night and I’m just not gonna kill myself. That’s okay.

Yvonne: Yeah, I did that last Saturday.

Literally never left, never left the couch and just binge watched. Right. Um, now how can our busy moms make use of Instagram to make their life easy? I’m like, I love Instagram to connect with people and get out there and promo my stuff. But you are the Instagram queen. I’m literally just throwing spaghetti at the wall at this point and see what sticks simply because I haven’t had the time.

No, actually, because there’s a lot behind the scenes happening where it’s cleaning up and me figuring out what I wanna do. So I’m like, I don’t need to pay that much attention yet, but my audience is paying more attention. So how can they start or get better in using Instagram to maybe even cut off some of that busy mom time and get some time back?

Jenn: Yeah. I mean, one of the things that I love about Instagram and it’s, it’s not as true today as it was a couple years ago. um, but it’s still true is the community involvement that you get out of Instagram. Yeah. So find the, the mommy bloggers that have a similar lifestyle to you, find the women in your industry that are out there on Instagram, whether they live in your city, your state, your country, whatever, and find those people that elevate.

Like it, I have a bunch of people that I follow. Some are mommy bloggers. Some are, you know, other professionals in the industry. And I am not like the rah cheerleader. Yay. Motivation. Like that’s not me. No, it’s not, he’s not, I can’t, I can’t even try. Like, I can’t even do with my own kid. I’m like, you read a sentence.

Good for you. I like, I hired a tutor cuz the tutor’s like, oh my God, you did. And she’s just a walking cheerleader and I’m like good on you kid. You read for 10 S like I just, I’m not the cheerleader.

Yvonne: She, she is over, Jenn is overdoing it a little bit. She is, she is a straight plane forward cheerleader.

She’s not gonna be the one with pompoms and dancing. No, but, but she will cheer you on.

Jenn: And that’s where I find the right people on Instagram that talk and, you know, communicate in a similar way. You know, they post their makeup lists, faces with the kid in the ripped apart, you know, disastrous rooms and they’re like, it’s okay, mom.

We’re all, we’re all in this together. Like, so having those, those other people that, especially if you are running a side hustle and if you’re a stay at home mom, or if you’re a single mom and, and you’re trying to launch a business or, or trying to, you know, choose your second career in life and you feel very isolated, you don’t feel like there’s people around you in your actual core who understand all social media, but especially Instagram, because the type of community that it fosters is a great way to connect with these people who get you, who see you, who you can see and be like, oh, like they’re having a bad day or, you know, oh, they did that launch and it fell flat, but they’re still, they’re still going.

They’re still doing this. And so find those people who are open and honest and transparent and, and that communicate in the way that you do. If you need the rah rah cheerleaders, go find the rah cheerleaders. If you want the, like, tell it like it is, you know, sarcasm, go find the, tell it like it is sarcasm, but find those people because they will motivate you to keep going. Cuz when you’re doing a side hustle, when you’re starting a business, there are way more failures than there are successes and it can be really hard to get through, but you need that community and DM those people, reply to their Stories, comment on their posts. They’re going to reply and you start to foster these relationships and these little DM chats with other people.

And it’s just a really good way to build yourself up and give yourself the confidence and the space mentally. To say, I’ve got this, I can do this.

Yvonne: And I think what I like a lot about Instagram and I send everybody to my Instagram Stories that once behind the scenes. I can do the behind the scenes. I can be me.

We took it a little bit raunchy here a couple of days ago in my, I saw you with it for everybody that didn’t see the story. What I did is it’s like I had a little bit a hint picture of myself with a glass of bubbly and I’m like, okay. Let’s have some fun, what am I up to today? And only sold three answers.

And we had, we had a blast with that, but that’s what I do in my Instagram Story is because they’re gone in 24 hours. I get to have fun in there and just do and, and engage and build the relationships that I used to build on other platforms. Now I don’t see TikTok going that way. Sorry. I don’t, somehow for me it doesn’t work that way.

Um, but I get to also have fun in Reels on Instagram, where some of my Reels are educational. Some of them is the fun stuff. And then I have my regular content that I schedule out in my feed. Yeah. And it’s like, it’s, it’s this, this all in one of your brand of your business.

Jenn: And that’s something that. You know, a lot of people always ask to like, well, how much should be personal and how much should be, you know, business?

Yvonne: How much do you wanna to?


Jenn: the thing I’m like, if you are your brand like, Yvi, you are your brand. Yeah. I am my brand. So it’s easier for me to be more personal because here’s a photo of my kid. That’s me. That’s my brand. That’s my life. Like, that’s easy. if you are a team or if you’ve got a group of people, it’s a little bit harder to be as personal, cuz there’s other aspects, it’s a larger group of people or organization or whatever.

But if you are your brand and most people starting out or doing a side hustle, you are your brand. Whether you’re in, you know, real estate or education or, you know, you’re doing product for Etsy, whatever it is, you are your brand. There is no right or wrong answer. Like sometimes 90% of your content can be personal, cuz that’s what people connect with.

They want to know you as a person and then you put it a little bit of business. You might do 80% business and 20% personal. It is your choice. Absolutely use those Stories. Like, because like I said, they’re, they’re gone in 24 hours. You can be much more relaxed. You can be much more casual, the, you know, bad audio, who cares? Bad lighting, who cares?

It’s gonna be gone in 24 hours. But as a result, most brands, most organizations of any size get better conversions off their Instagram Stories than any other content because of that, because, exactly, our feed is so polished and perfect and, and filtered and long captions of description in sales posts.

And then your Reels are just they’re Reels. They’re they’re there they’re high level. They’re not high converting. That’s not what reels do.

Yvonne: And then you got Stories of, oh, so I haven’t taken a shower in two days because I’ve been deep in client work.

Jenn: And we were like, oh my God, I can totally relate. Like. But then that starts to lead into the questions of, well, are you taking on more clients?

Like that’s where you start to build those threads of conversions is from the Instagram Stories, cuz that’s where we, you know, metaphorically and literally let our hair down. It’s where we tend to just be a bit more real with who we are and that’s what people connect with. Like the whole polished, you know, photo shoot edited, you know, perfectly curated feed is great, but that doesn’t tell people who you are and if they wanna work with you, they wanna know who you are. And that’s where Instagram Stories are so powerful and why, even though I don’t love Stories, I love Stories for that reason.

Yvonne: And it’s been fun. I’m like specifically with my sultry post I’m, like I was just feeling it.

I was a, I was one glass of bubbly and you know, I get all happy after my first glass. And I’m like, why not? Everybody knows. I’m single, everybody knows I’m in San Diego. Let’s have some fun with it. And it triggered some conversations with some people that I hadn’t talked to in months. Yeah, where it’s like, friend of mine just popped into.

So what did you actually do that evening? And I’m like, what do you think I did?

I’m a single in San Diego. What do you think I did? Um, you also talk about turning Instagram into a business tool, making it work for your business. You have not only a couple of freebies, but also membership. I wanna talk for the freebies first and guys, you all gonna find those goodies in the description?

It’s all gonna be linked there. I got everything ready for you. Um, you are diving into some Reels content too, and helping people with their Reels.

Jenn: I am maybe begrudgingly so, but no, it’s honestly, you can’t like, and everyone knows, like, I, I don’t even have TikTok on my phone. People like I do not do TikTok.

I do not do this type of content. I do not love Reels. I don’t consume them. I don’t love creating them, but I see their value.

Yvonne: Girl you, that is a huge time saver for you because I spent an hour last night sitting in the bathtub with a glass of bubbly, just scrolling Reels and TikTok. I swear I could save myself a lot of time, but I agree.

There’s, there’s a lot of TikTok and Reels style out there right now where I’m like, I’m, I’m not, I can’t my, my brain doesn’t comprehend reading your Reel while there is a different audio behind it. Right. I can’t.

Jenn: And that’s, and that’s a thing, right? Like there’s so many different things that people can do with the short form video when it comes to Reels.

And I think that’s where a lot of people, especially if they’re starting out are very overwhelmed. Yeah. Like it’s one thing to be able to say, like, okay, go to camera, click Reels, film. But when you start looking at the types of transitions and the music and the text boxes and the, you know, what are you gonna put in?

Whether it’s a 15, second or a 92nd video and all these things, it can be very overwhelming. So in my membership program, you know, we’ve done a lot of Reels training. We’ve another reals training coming up, uh, this month in September and I’ve created a couple freebees. So I have one which is 12 Reels topics to get you started.

So literally I’m giving you 12 topics. And the reason I chose 12 is cause I’m like we do one. That’s a year’s worth of content. Oh, if you do one every week, that’s, you know, four a month, that’s three months worth of content. So I pick 12 for a reason because it’s going to give you a solid content strategy to be like this month, I’m doing this Reel, this week, I’m doing this Reel.

And you can literally go through and create one of every one of these that give you context of why you should a be doing this type of Reel. But being between an example of what that looks like, and I have the screenshots in there. So you can literally go to that account and go see their whole Reel, get a feel for what that looks like.

How are you gonna recreate that? You can even then, if you really wanted to take that and be like use template and you can recreate your own Reel off of that template from this ebook. So it’s really meant to give you a good starting point. And then the other ebook is Five Mistakes to Avoid because it’s really easy to be like, great.

Let’s do a Reel oh God. Yeah. But there’s some things that you should avoid for a variety of reasons, whether it’s just, you know, common kind of behavior on the platform. Things that could impact you detrimentally as a business, if you start doing certain types of things, um, if you’re looking for certain types of goals and you’re trying something that’s totally unsupportive of that, then you’re never gonna feel like they work for you.

So that’s the other ebook is, is Five Mistakes to Avoid just to kind of help give you that, that starting point to be like, okay, I can do this. I’ve got the content 12 pieces of content I can create. And here’s the things to avoid doing. So you can set yourself up for success.

Sounds like a perfect getting starting point right there.

Yvonne: You also have your Profit for Profile where you support your membership on staying on track and getting shit done. Don’t you?

Jenn: I do. And it’s so I’m actually celebrating the one year anniversary. Um, it’s been a year already? It’s been a year. I launched in September. It’s been one year Profit Your Profile is a year old.

She made it.

Yvonne: Where the hell is time going?

Jenn: Oh my God, I can’t even, I was like, I’m like September 1st. I’m like, what, what. I thought it was me.

Yvonne: It’s like, who am, who am I to talk? I’m like, I still remember the picture of you being highly pregnant and healed on the patio. And now Sabrina is seven years old. So apparently my feeling for time has changed.

Jenn: It really has.

Yvonne: So happy anniversary, Profit for Profile. What are you doing there? How do you, how do you support your membership?

Jenn: So it’s, it’s really, again, it’s focused on Instagram, right? That’s obviously the key focus. So this came up because I’ve been asked to do this for, for a while. And again, it was one of those things where I didn’t really have the time and resources to build this out.

And then through the pandemic, it was like, well, there’s no better time than now to start sitting at home. So we started a membership, but it’s, it’s designed to give you, so we have four live sessions every month. So every week, you have a live session the first of every month, we dive into the biggest up, well, actually all the updates from Instagram. So every month I compile every single update. It’s usually double digit, um, last month. Uh, well, I haven’t finished compiling August, but July. I think we had 14 updates. No, uh, June we had 22 updates. So there’s a lot that like Instagram is testing and updating and tweaking that most people don’t know about. So in the first Friday of every month, we break down all those updates and how they impact you. So we actually say like, okay, they’re running this test. We’re gonna assume this is gonna roll out. It’s gonna probably gonna roll out in Q4, which means your Q1 strategy needs to be factored into this type of new content or, or new search criteria, whatever it is.

So we really deep dive deep into. What these updates mean for you as a business and a brand? Not just, oh, they tested some things. Yay. But we get super strategic. Then we have two live training sessions. Every month. One session is with me. All these are live, replays are available for everything. And then the second is always a guest expert.

So I’ve brought in Rome Johnson from Microsoft. I’ve had, uh, celebrity chef, uh, she won MasterChef, Claudia Sandoval. Love her.

Yvonne: And the hair, guys, if you have not seen Claudia Sandoval, look her up. That red.

Jenn: Claudia Sandoval and she she’s actually, and the reason, one of the reasons they had her come in is she actually was one of the, the co organizers of the San Diego Igers, the original San Diego Instagram group way back when I started doing this nine and a half years ago, she was one that would put on the events here in San Diego for Instagrammers. So she’s like legit deep into like the Instagram world, not just being, you know, a celebrity chef. So she had a ton of great insights. Um, we’ve had lawyers, we’ve had photographers, we’ve had my co-author on, uh, the Dummies books, people that have just come in as experts to help train, not just Instagram, but business knowledge in general.

And then I do an open office hours, um, once a month, the last week of every month, we do open office hours, which is where you can come and ask me your questions, whatever you wanna know, whatever your questions are about your Instagram account. We dive into all those round robin styles. So it’s you get all of that, and then you get like my free face or it’s a free, but it’s part of the membership, the Facebook group, um, where you can get in and ask your questions where I share all the updates and all these sorts of things. So it’s, it’s a ton of access to me. Um, and you get a whole year for less than what you would pay for a one hour consultation with me.

So it’s kind of a no-brainer. Yeah. Um, but it is designed to…

Yvonne: It’s access to the Jenn Herman. It is access. It’s a no-brainer no matter what just saying.

Jenn: And it’s designed to really help people get, like I said, Profit your Profile. Now that doesn’t mean you’re going to, you know, profit, you can be a nonprofit and still be in the membership, but it’s designed for you to actually grow your business on Instagram.

Yeah. Not just to stay on top of the news and the trends, but to actually dive deep into the strategies, they’re gonna help you grow. They’re gonna help you get the leads, help you close those sales, help you actually, you know, reach your target audience. Go back to having fun on Instagram. Like, whatever it is that you wanna achieve, this is what we focus on to help reach those goals tangibly in, you know, reasonable time.

Yvonne: And I love the, the combination of outside teachings of the, the whole nerdy numbers. How does it apply? And then also the business strategy that goes along with that. So guys, it’s in the description, it’s a freaking no brainer because it’s also cheap as fuck. I’m just saying, um, thanks so much for coming by today, Jenn, we will be having bubbly here pretty soon in person again.

And again, audience out there, everything Jenn just mentioned from the five Reels mistakes to avoid to, the 12 Reels ideas, as well as the link to the Profit your Profile membership, it will all be in the description. So go follow her because Jenn is the queen of Instagram and Instagram is working. It is working and it can be easy and it can be simple and it can drive your business.

Yeah. Go click those links, connect with Jen and I’ll see you soon for more. Looking forward to it. Bye everybody.

Bye everybody.


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