Streamline Social Media Management with Agorapulse (+ 3 More Tools!)

As the days go by, more and more people have flocked to social media in need of information, inspiration, and entertainment. This not only creates a perfect opportunity for you to engage your followers, but it also enables you to stay within their radar.

So, how do you provide your target audience with the best possible content without getting yourself frustrated and overwhelmed?

Most people don’t even know how much work actually goes in producing high quality social media posts, so what’s the secret sauce to getting things done without creating more work? 


I streamline my business by automating as many steps as possible.

Everything from task management, data collection, graphic design, and even social media management… I made it a point to take on key areas in my business with efficiency and effectiveness in mind.

Part of why I’m the best at what I do can be accounted to the kind of tools I use and how well I use them. In fact, my businesses thrive because of my 4 favorite business softwares: ClickUp, Easil, Airtable, and of course, AGORAPULSE!! 

Read on to learn how these softwares works and how you can streamline your social media-related tasks by tying them together!


Tool Basics


Task Management: ClickUp

With its robust features and kicka$ dashboard, ClickUp has been stepping into the spotlight as a reliable and efficient task management software. I’ve been using ClickUp for years and it has been a key factor in how I revolutionized my businesses. 

I use it to track tasks easily, stay on top of projects, and create in-depth reports. It’s what kept me and my team from getting burned out, and helped save my clients’ so much time and money. 

Fair warning though, it does take some getting used to, but once you beat the learning curve you’ll see just how epic a beast this tool is. There’s really nothing quite like it!

Why you should consider using ClickUp:

  • organize and toggle between client workspaces easily 
  • create and store SOPs that’s easily accessible to my team
  • you can build task templates in spaces
  • delegate tasks and add in necessary details to make it easy for the team to accomplish
  • allows me to see who’s online and working on a certain task
  • track tasks, hours, and generate reports
  • integrate other tools that are vital in how I run my business
  • allows me to oversee areas in my business in one place
  • the software has regular updates, so you’re sure that it’s keeping up with the industry standards


Data Collection: Airtable

I like using Airtable because it’s pleasing to the eye, super easy to use, and can be customized to fit my business needs. 

I use it primarily to store copy, links, and images I need to publish for my social media accounts and keep track of my upcoming guest interviews, among other things. 

Why you should consider using Airtable:

  • it’s so much better than a regular spreadsheet
  • you can keep track of current and previous entries
  • easily organize tables by fields
  • create different bases for you and your clients
  • you can integrate Airtable with ClickUp
  • allows you to export collected data into a .csv, perfect for when you want to batch upload it into your social media scheduler


Graphic Design: Easil

Okay, so you’re not exactly going to be able to automate how you create your graphics, BUT it does have phenomenal templates that makes graphic design so much easier! This proves especially useful for non-artists like me since I don’t need to spend so much time making my visuals. 

I usually just go in Easil, use my template, change the text, and add an image – DONE! 

It also saves me the stress of needing to pull out my hex codes and fonts separately, since it can store all of my brand-related elements. Not to mention it can shuffle the design around for me just in case I need to spruce up my graphics a little bit!

Why you should consider using Easil:

  • tons of templates to choose from
  • have access to lots of amazing free fonts
  • upload your own fonts
  • has a magical color palette generator that pulls the right color and tones automatically, so you get the right one every time
  • easily resize templates to fit any purpose
  • make your own GIFs
  • exemplary user support
  • helps keep your designs secure, which is really practical especially for those of you who like building branded templates yourself
  • actually, a lot cheaper compared to other graphic design softwares


Social Media Management: Agorapulse

Being a tech nerd, I’ve literally gone through hundreds of softwares and tools to find out which ones work best for my business, and Agorapulse is definitely top tier! I get to batch my social media content seamlessly, track engagement, AND make a comprehensive & customizable report to analyze performance. Plus, it integrates with ClickUp, so I don’t even have to keep jumping in and out just to get my social media stuff done!

Why you should consider using Agorapulse:

  • batch upload content in one go
  • you can schedule, queue, and format your posts to suit each social network’s requirements
  • simultaneously publish on multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • access all of your social media inboxes in one place
  • helps you to identify influencers and profile fans + followers
  • collects all public mentions of your social handles
  • allows you to do competitor analysis


Tying the workflows together

Now that you’ve, more or less, seen the capability of each software, it’s time we jumped into how they fit in the whole social media management workflow.


Here’s how it works:

Phase 1: ClickUp

  1. Create the main task using ClickUp and add in the details, such as the topic, links, and ambassador/influencer social media handles for tagging.
  2. Break it down into sub-tasks:
    • Social media copy – delegate task to yourself, your copywriter or social media manager
    • Graphic design – delegate task to yourself, your graphic artist or social media manager
    • Schedule social media post – delegate task to yourself or your social media manager


Phase 2: Airtable

  1. Copy writer or social media manager creates copy in the designated table and fills in the fields (e.g. links, images, etc.)
  2. Take note if copy is considered evergreen
  3. Export data to .csv file
  4. Mark ClickUp task as completed


Phase 3: Easil

  1. Graphic artist or social media manager uses a branded template to create images
  2. Resize images depending on which social network you’ll be publishing to
  3. Download the images and add images to Airtable
  4. Mark ClickUp task as completed


Phase 4: Agorapulse

  1. Download .csv file from Airtable
  2. Choose social networks to publish copy to
  3. You can reformat to copy before scheduling and adding the post to your queue
  4. Copy that has been marked as evergreen can be set to be re-posted in the future
  5. Mark ClickUp task as completed



So, there you have it, a more efficient way to work through your social media management like a pro. No more logging in and out of platforms, no more guessing what to do next, and no more settling for that one software because you don’t know of a better alternative. 

Enjoy your new found time and freed up mental bandwidth, my friend!

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