One Tool to Solve All Your Password Pains

Passwords are a pain in the a$$. I think we can all agree with that.

Different sites and apps have different restrictions. You need to use this, but you can’t use that. You have to use a capital letter and/or you have to use a sign. Some require a maximum of six characters while others want at least eight. They all want something different and you can never just use the same password for everything. How do you deal with that?

And that’s just for your personal use.

You have twice as many passwords when you’re running a business. I work with clients and I have to remember their passwords. Just imagine that. Take your password troubles and multiply them times 100. That’s how much trouble I had.

Until I found LastPass.

This cute little program does all the encoding and security for you. LastPass has a FREE solution that stays on your desktop and generates super secure passwords. It figures out all of those character limits and sign requirements and saves you the trouble of brainstorming yet another password that you hope you’ll remember.

The huge time-saver for me comes with the tool’s ability to remember passwords. I have a lot of clients who all have a number of different logins from hosting accounts to Facebook accounts. LastPass keeps it all nice and tidy.

With the LastPass Chrome extension, it lights up and shows me that I have the login for a site and it’s ready to auto-fill. Voila!

To show you just how much I use this password tool, I’ll let you in behind the scenes. I have tons of GoDaddy account log-ins for me and my clients. Tons.

All I have to do with LastPass is go to GoDaddy, scroll down in LastPass for the right client and it fills the log in with their information. Can you imagine how much time that saves me?! I don’t have to search through notebooks or spreadsheets. It’s made my life working with clients SO much easier and a million times more secure.

Take a look at our resources and get your own LastPass account today and start saving a $hitload of time by simplifying how you handle your passwords.

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  1. You are not kidding! There are so many passwords to remember. For a while, I could remember them but then it just became too much. I am very keen on tools to help with that matter.

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