5 Reasons the Bulletproof Business Planner Will Get You off of the Planner Go Round

Lately, people kept asking me, “what’s so special about the Bulletproof Business Planner? Why is it different than other planners?”

I’m going to take a moment to tell you why I think it might be better than some others, and also share with you why others love the Bulletproof Business Planner.

1. It’s a German Style Planner

The straightest way between A and B is a straight line, and that’s how we approach things. The Bulletproof Business Planner is exactly like that. It’s clean. Not necessarily simple, because it has a lot of features in there, but it logically follows a path from the big idea, to cutting it down with daily action steps. It’s efficient and it’s organized throughout the years.

A german style planner also means you do not have any fluffiness in there. You don’t have flowers, colors, none of that. It is black and white and simple. So, for somebody who likes it more girly and fluffy this planner is not going to be for you.

We don’t even have quotes in there. There are so many amazing IG accounts where you can find just the proper quotes for your day, so we don’t need to put it in this planner. We can use this place where we would put that quote in a way more efficient manner.

2. It’s clean & Professional

Best quote I’ve gotten about it “it looks like I’m a grown ass woman” and that was the goal with it. Simple, clean, professional.

I want to be able to go in a Fortune 500 company, pull this planner out, and not worry about having pink and crazy colors. We have a pink planner, so we do have some color in there but it’s not overbearing. You can pull this out next to men without them judging you – I’m not telling you it’s right or wrong, it just makes life easier not having to fight someones perceived opinion. You can just go to work pulling out this planner.

I just got this quote today, and I loved hearing it that one of my Sheroes really feels comfortable going out there no matter what situation she’s in, and pulling out this planner.

3. All in one

Before I built this planner, I had used so many planners and never finished with them. I bought one without even realizing it was a 3 month goal setting planner.

First off, how do I put my life goals in a 3 month goal setting planer? So, I had to start with the big picture somewhere else, to then cut them down into quarterly goals. Who has time to fill in two pages every single day? I’m sorry, I need to get shit done. I don’t have time to plan every single day for two pages. I need to plan and I need to set things up, but two pages every single day? When are you getting anything done?

Or, things weren’t enough. I didn’t have any tracking capabilities or any project planning in there. To get those I needed to go to websites and download additional printouts to add that to your planner. Suddenly it became a scrapbook rather than the planner, and I have to – again – put a huge amount of time in to have those standard features. It should be standard for me that I need to do my water intake, that I have to pay bills, that I should go workout. All of those things we know we should do on a weekly basis, no matter daily or weekly, should be there in my planner. Right there. I don’t want to spend time to glue something extra in there to make it a feature in my planner. Take a closer look >>

4. It’s sturdy

My Bulletproof Business Planner from last year, I could send this cover out and sell it. It’s still in great shape – you can’t tell from looking at it that I’ve carried it every single day in my purse. Looking after how they look after just one year, it looks like new. So I’m feeling pretty comfortable those easily will last us 3 to 5 years, which means you can just plug in a new insert and you’re ready to go. It doesn’t look like a lot of other covers out there where after a year the edges are used up and all ripped up and scratched, or it’s just not sturdy and it’s not quality.

I’m picky about my stuff. I don’t like to refer somebody to something that I do not strongly believe in, so yes I am passionate about my planner.

5. It’s not just a planner – it’s a community.

There’s a full-fledged community behind this. There are workshops that come along with it. I am constantly coming out with new things, with add ons for your daily life and for your business. We have a FB community – we might even grow into something bigger than just a FB community. Who knows what the future will bring. But this is what you can use every day and you have a community behind it where you can reach out to other Superpreneus and get help. Get cheering up when you need it, find somebody that you can team up with, find somebody that can help you with a situation. Again, it’s not just a planner – it’s a community.

So, come join us! No, you don’t have to buy the planner to join the community. It helps. But, if we run workshops or challenges I usually give you another way of making things happen and joining us without having the planner.

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