How to Create Automated Social Media Reports on Agorapulse

Creating social media reports just got easier with Agorapulse!

Since everything can be automated now, I figured it’s the perfect time we talked about how we can create automated social media reports on Agorapulse!

That’s because this kickass social media management software just released a a new (100% NEED) feature: POWER REPORT.

And I, being the business tool nerd that I am, couldn’t resist learning how we can further optimize our business reporting workflows.

Now, you might be wondering what are the advantages of using the Agorapulse Power Report feature?

In the video, I’ll walk you through the whole process of creating your own power report, but basically it will save you so much time + the headache from getting overwhelmed and frustrated… 

No more:

  • manually pulling numbers
  • using somebody else’s report template that doesn’t fit your objectives
  • jumping from different tools to create visualized reports for different social media platforms

So, if you’ve been trying to find a more efficient alternative to Sprout Social, Buffer, Hootsuite, and all the other social media scheduling and management tools, then you’re going to love Agorapulse and its robust reporting capabilities.

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