How joining the ConnectHER17 conference ignited my business - Ask Yvi
How joining the ConnectHER17 conference ignited my business - AskYvi - Feat

How joining the ConnectHER17 conference ignited my business

I’m really excited to share with you my experience from the trip I just took to Vegas.

You guys, I was lucky enough to join the ConnectHER Conference as a roundtable speaker.

I would like to start by thanking Laura for putting on ConnectHER. I have no idea how it took me so long to find her and this fantastic conference!

ConnectHER for me wasn’t just a way of speaking and teaching other people to streamline their business, it’s actually jumpstarted changes in my business.

I’ve connected with amazing women and I’m already working on a couple co-ops combining strengths to help people even more. This wouldn’t have happened without me coming to Vegas and joining these amazing women at ConnectHER!Each day at ConnectHER17 we had roundtable discussions and my table was fully packed as I chatted with women entrepreneurs from around the country about putting processes in place and streamlining efforts to scale your business and balance your life.

I shared the lessons and tools I discovered as I rebuilt my business after my husband’s cancer and death. It was at this time in my life that I realized how short life can be and how there’s no point in being overwhelmed in business. I was thrilled to see how excited these amazing women were about streamlining, automation, and organization to build a business that loves you back.


While I loved speaking with women business owners at my roundtable, I also fell head over heels for the keynote speakers. Nicole Feliciano of Mom Boss and Katie Ann Rosen Kitchens of FabFitFun just about blew me away! I got the chance to speak with Nicole and may I just say, I love that woman! She spoke about balancing life and business and guess what?! I even got to give her one of my planners!

In addition to our roundtable discussions and keynotes, there were some fab VIP events. I couldn’t make the Friday VIP event as I was stuck at the airport for 6 hours…YAY for canceled flights, NOT.

But it was at Giordano’s featuring Deutsch Family wines (How sad is that?! The German not getting to drink “Deutsch” wine?! 😉 ) The next night was at Johnny Rockets. Let’s just say there was a little debate over tater tots vs. fries.

You may be thinking, conferences are great, but I have no one to go with! Well, I went to ConnectHER17 by myself.

Yep, the extroverted introvert who has problems in a completely new environment with no one to latch on to. The friend who told me about ConnectHER was busy, so I first walked into this room –full of women with their products and dreams displayed proudly–by myself.

But it wasn’t a problem at all.

No one made me feel like I was alone. Everybody just greeted me with open arms right away. It was seriously amazing how quickly I connected with the women around me.

And I’ve got to make a shout out here to these amazing ladies:

Dr. Elise Cohen Ho (my new bizbestie – we’ll actually be collaborating in the future)

Brenda Higuera, Styles By Brenda (my roomy and soul sister)

Michelle Riviera, Mommyhood to Hollywood. (the one that got me hooked onto ConnectHER)

Laura Medina-Filipowicz, CEO and founder of ConnectHER Media. (an awesome woman with even more awesommer visions 😉 )

Lisa Carey, New Creative Media  (She made our awesome info packet.)

Lisa Brambilla, Survivor Eyes (Cancer Survivor and amazing connector)

Chia-Ming, Chub Chub Baby (making mum’s and dad’s life easier)

Brenda and I had never met before we shared a room together and we just clicked. We stayed at the SLS Hotel in Vegas and let me tell you, next year I will be heading straight to their amazing pool…after the conference that is. 🙂

AND Did I mention the amazing swag? I found out about some amazing companies by trying out their full-size products. I mean, how often do you get full-size products for free at a convention?! We were gifted with products from FabFitFun, IASO, Shea Moisture, Johnny Rockets, Primal Kitchen, Silc Skin, Genexa, Graffiti Gloss, Eppa Sangria, Argan Oil, and Got Milk. Plus, who can forget sweet sponsorships from Xcaret Mexico, Venice Child, Total Mom Makeover, and YaYa’s Sweet Surprise.

It’s been just a few weeks since my fabulous time at ConnectHER17 and I can’t wait for what else is going to come out of this in the next few months. In just a few weeks, I’ve been more productive, more inspired, and I’ve connected with so many great women. I already bought my ticket for ConnectHER18 and I’m like, “Can we do this twice a year? I want more!”

Now, I want to invite you! Come join us in August 2018 for the ConnectHER Conference. It is so worth it, no matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert. Join us and I promise you will be greeted with open arms. I can’t wait to see where Laura takes ConnectHER in the next 5 years, but I do know that I am sure as hell going to be a part of it!

Get your tickets for ConnectHER18 here :

If you might not be able to make it to Vegas for ConnectHer18, look around your area and see where you can meet people who have that energy to thrive with you and help you through business slumps. Imagine how good it feels to be excited again. I can tell you it’s priceless.

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  1. Aww..I love you too 🙂 I am super excited for the beauty that is the future. I am so happy to have you in it. We will, of course, see each other at ConnectHer plus all of the times in between now and then. There is so much fun planned. <3

    1. It is really nice having a Bizbestie like you. I get to share the exciting stuff and have help on crappy days. Not to mention putting together awesome stuff for our clients <3

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