Life is too short

to do the things you want to do tomorrow

…or to take yourself too serious

~Yvonne “Yvi” Heimann

It’s said each of our choices makes us who we are


  • Born and raised in Germany . . . means I have a natural knack for rules and organization (yes, some stereotypes are true!)
  • Studied business administration, hospitality management, (and for your trivia files – even the electrician trade!) .  . . which all create a diverse array of professional and interpersonal skills
  • Management of two restaurants and ownership of a local pub by the age of 22. . .  I always had the drive and determination for entrepreneurship

So what was next?


After owning my own business in my early 20’s, what could I do next?

A mere suggestion from a friend prompted a move to sunny California, USA!

miles from home

I continued my love of learning and my deep passion for entrepreneurship.


In 2008 I proudly launched my namesake consulting business, Ask Yvi.
Pacific Crest Media signed on shortly after as my first client primarily for social media management services but vision, talent, and skill led to an extended and expanded contract delving into the management of PCM’s business systems.
By 2010 I was developing WordPress sites for PCM’s clients and was focused on becoming an expert in development and design

We interrupt these accomplishments for a love story. . .


While working with PCM, I had developed a strong relationship with the company’s owner, Pete. He was diagnosed with cancer, but was confident in my ability to assume management of the company during his recovery, all the while continuing to run my own consulting firm. In 2013 Pete was certified as cancer-free, and we were excited to marry November of the same year (cue the champagne and confetti!)


Our celebration was short-lived as Pete’s cancer quickly returned. I continued caring for Pete and managing both businesses until he passed away in September of 2014.


I continue to serve as CEO for Pacific Crest Media which specializes in marketing, website design, and public relations
I also operate as owner and mentor at Ask Yvi – Business Efficiency Consulting

years in business
happy clients
lessons learned

So that’s a great story, but what’s it got to do with you, right?


I don’t have time to be inefficient
And I’m sure you don’t either

You have big goals, but the “how to get there” leaves you paralyzed.
Your passion for leaving your mark in this world right now looks like nothing more than spinning your wheels.
You are desperate to live the life you want while still have the ability to enjoy it.

The entrepreneurial journey is challenging… starting something new, learning, more learning, expanding services, even more learning, pivoting, regrouping, and refocusing… and some more learning.

I’ve been there – multiple times.

Almost two decades of successful entrepreneurship has given me the abilities, skills, and tools necessary to make your vision a reality for you.

Helping you

  • Find Clarity
  • Get Planning
  • Establish Focus
  • Be Efficient
  • And Reach Your Goals


My clients love the transformation they experience in their thinking, efficiency, processes and workflows.

Are you ready to make your vision a reality?

If so, invite you to learn more about how I can help you find more productivity in your business today. Join me on one of my many facebook live sessions, dive deep into my YouTube channel, or sign up for one of the upcoming courses and workshops.

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Yes, I got lucky yet again. I fell in love with an amazing guy and now enjoy the perks of dating a pilot 😉

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